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Discover Unique, Affordable Art: Unleashing Budget Friendly Gems for Your Collection!

Art used in home staging and redesign projects by Householder Homes Staging & Redesign.
Examples of art we have used in staging & redesign projects.

Want to find beautiful and unique art for staging, redesign projects or your own home (without paying commissioned pricing)?

I have a secret for you… it’s actually pretty easy!

This is my process:

1) Go to earch the genre you are looking for (my go-to is “modern beach printable art”). Make sure it’s PRINTABLE, because you want to purchase the digital files.

2) Purchase and download the desired file.

3) Go to and choose your desired media (I usually go with framed canvas). Upload your file, choose the size, framing style, lamination finish and VOILA! You’re ready to order!

One caveat for my HAWAII PEEPS, shipping is always expensive. So, when you see the first price, double that in your head because once you go to order, shipping will almost double the price. BUT, it is still cheaper than ordering most premade unique framed art prints. Just don’t let the shipping cost scare you away!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE Digital Art Etsy Shops:

If you'd like help finding pieces perfect for your home, send me a message. I'd love to assist you in creating your dream home!

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